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What You Can Achieve With Home Automation

Imagine your curtains opening to wake you in the morning, while the coffee machine automatically starts brewing your morning coffee. As you walk towards the front door your smart home hub lets you know that you may wish to bring your umbrella, and when you leave, the house locks itself behind you and automatically turns on the security system.

Once the realm of science fiction, home automation is becoming the everyday reality for those on the leading edge of technology. Home automation saves you time and money, and adds that little extra touch of luxury to your home. Read on to find what it is, how it works, and what benefits home automation can give to your daily life.

What is home automation?

Home automation makes use of the latest technology to customise your house to suit exactly your preferences. It does this by using sensors to measure the surrounding environment, then using that information to adjust the automated technology. Some systems can even learn to adjust to your preferences automatically. 

For instance, you might want to automate the temperature of your bedroom. In an automated system, temperature and humidity sensors monitor the air in your bedroom. When the humidity gets too high or the temperature moves out of the set boundaries, the air conditioning will automatically change settings to bring the air back to the right humidity and temperature. 

This is a common example of automated home technology, but with the addition of learning algorithms, your technology can now learn what you like without you needing to program it. For instance, if you often turn down the heat at night, your automated air conditioner may learn to turn the heat down automatically at a certain time of day.  

Another example is multi-room audio. The phone in your pocket can connect to your smart home hub and monitor where in the house you are. As you move through the house, the audio from your phone or stereo can be changed from one set of speakers to another as you travel through the house. You can listen to your music anywhere in the house, without having to wear headphones or have the music loud enough to be heard throughout the entire building.

What can be automated?

Although the range of appliances able to be automated is constantly growing, one of the most common areas of home automation is the home entertainment system. Many streaming services now use automated technology to provide you with viewing or listening suggestions. 

When individual profiles are used, home entertainment systems can produce content catered to the individual using it. In addition to this, aspects such as lighting and speaker volume can be adjusted to suit the user. One user may prefer horror movies, and the system learns to close the curtains and dim the lighting to enhance that spooky feeling. Another profile might be designed for parties, with the bass turned up and all lights on. 

Home automation is also becoming more popular in home security systems. Home automation systems can learn the number of people living in the house, and in some cases can use the cellphone to identify the individual. This allows the home security system to notice when the last person leaves the house and automatically engage the locks and burglar alarm. 

In addition to these two common areas of home automation, everything from your bathtub to your fridge can be automated to provide an experience specifically catered to your comfort. Baths can learn your favourite temperature, fridges can send a notification to your smartphone when you need more milk, even your recliner can adjust to your favourite position at the touch of a single button. If you can imagine it automated, odds are it’s either on the market or will be soon. 

How do I automate my home?

Get in touch with SatPlus today! You can reach us through our online contact form, or by giving us a call on 09 390 7587. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team can help you develop a home automation system that caters to your needs and budget. We can then provide installation and maintenance services, and our support team is always available to help you work through any issues.

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