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TV Wall Mounting

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What is TV Wall Mounting?

As the name suggests, wall mounting is attaching your TV directly to a wall. Whether in your living room, Rumpus Room, guest room or bedroom, you can place the TV on a wall across from your seating, or lying position, allowing you to watch from a convenient and comfortable place.

Why mount your TV on the wall?

  • You can make sure the TV is at the perfect viewing height to suit you and your family.
  • Save space by not having to have a TV stand or bulky furniture for the TV to sit on.
  • Have your TV raised up off the floor away from pets and children.
  • It just looks better having a TV on the wall!

Satplus specialises in TV and Soundbar Wall Mounting planned around you and according to your individual requirements and budget. We make sure your TV Installation is a seamless and easy experience.

Whether it’s an LCD TV, OLED TV installation, Plasma installation or wall mounting your LED TV or soundbar let the trained professionals at Satplus take care of it.

We can install your TV on your wall in the Greater Auckland area and conceal cables up inside the wall usually without the need to have plasters or painters visit after we have left.

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TV Wall Mounting

Types of Wall Mounts:

There are three specific types of Wall Mounts which all have unique features. The right one for you will depend on what your requirements are, type and size of room.

The three main types of wall mounts:

  1. Static (fixed) wall mounts
  2. Tilt wall mounts
  3. Articulating (full motion) Wall Mounts
Three different types of TV Wall Mounts
These are three different types of TV Wall Mounts

Static Wall Mounts

Static mounts are the simplest and lowest-cost type of mount. When installed correctly they place the TV closer to the wall than other mount types.  This type of mount is a good choice if you’ll be sitting directly in front of the TV, and can position the TV at the ideal height, with the centre of the screen at about eye-level when you’re seated.

Tilt wall mounts

As they provide vertical angle adjustment, a tilt mount makes it easy to compensate for a TV positioned above the best viewing level. As these mounts have a tilt mechanism, this causes the TV to be spaced a bit further out from the wall, typically at least 2cm dependant on the mount.

Tilt mounts are a good choice for TVs placed in a higher than optimum position like above a fireplace or high on a bedroom wall. The angle adjustment can also help reduce screen reflections from windows or room lights.

Which the new generation of TVs and the improved viewing angles they provide there is now less of a reason to choose a tilt mount over a static mount.

Articulating (full motion) Wall Mounts

By adding side-to-side swivel adjustment, articulating mounts are a smart solution when a TV needs to be angled to provide the best viewing. It’s also great for rooms with more than one usual viewing spot. This includes open plan living room/kitchen spaces where people would like to watch TV from the kitchen and then move the TV so it can be viewed from the living room after dinner.

Where not to mount your TV?

  • Where the wall behind where the TV bracket is to be installed is damaged or doesn’t have the necessary bracing to hold the weight of the TV.
  • Too close to a heater or fireplace. TVs can be mounted above fireplaces, but you need enough space between the top of the fire and the bottom of the TV to ensure that it will not damage the TV. If you have a mantle piece above the fire it is good as this can act as a heat shield for the TV.
  • Without special waterproofing a TV should not be installed in any wet zone including bathrooms, by kitchen kettles or cook tops where there is likely to be a lot of water vapour, or outside conservatories that can be damp places.
Soundbar Mounting
Soundbars can also be mounted to the wall or below the TV to ensure a clean and uncluttered installation matching your wall mounted TV.
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