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If you need to access faster network speeds in your home or are having problems with your internet connection, give us a call.

Satplus offers a variety of services and solutions:

  • Fix connection faults
  • Internet too slow?
  • Install Smart TVs
  • Install or improve Wifi
  • Home Office Solutions
  • improve online Game Speeds
  • Correct unsightly installs
  • Fiber modem Aesthetic Installation


home services

data cabling

Satplus can cable your home so you have a reliable and fast connection to the internet and between all of your other devices in your house. WIFI is very convenient but nothing beats a wired connection!

Satplus can work with you on the best way to cable your house and hide messy cables.

DO you have a question?

Contact our team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. If you need support please contact our 0800 number for us to help resolve any issues.