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TV Aerial & Satellite Dish Installation & Servicing


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TV Aerial Installation,Repairs & removal Auckland

Watching TV is still a popular pastime despite all the other streaming options that are now available on the market. Satplus installs and repairs UHF Freeview TV aerials so that you can enjoy crystal clear HD Freeview reception.

New Zealand moved from VHF television transmissions to Freeview UHF in December 2013 when the last VHF transmitter was turned off. You may still have a VHF antenna on your roof. We can help you remove that as well.

Freeview is New Zealand’s free-to-air television platform. It is operated by a joint venture between the country’s major free-to-air broadcasters. It consists of a HD-capable digital terrestrial television service, to around 86% of the population in the major urban and provincial centres of New Zealand, and a standard-definition satellite television service, called Freeview Satellite, covering the whole of mainland New Zealand and the major offshore islands.

If you decide that you want to watch Freeview and you cannot make it work, there are a few reasons why that might be.

Check that you have the right TV and TV antenna for digital TV. You might have a TV aerial, but it could be an old VHF type that no longer works, you can see the different types of aerials here

 If you need help figuring out what you have on your roof send a picture to Satplus and we would be happy to confirm which type you have.

Our experience is that the most common reasons for TV reception issues are due to corrosion of the connection components connected to the TV Aerial. Satplus can quickly replace these components and usually your existing TV Antenna can be reused. If your TV aerial is not of the right type or too damaged by corrosion or from wind damage Satplus can swop it out with a new and modern replacement.

Other potential issues could be the age of your wall socket and cable to your antenna. Just like anything they age over time. Weather is not kind to equipment outside, and that is why when it is feasible, we install new TV aerials in the roof space of homes. Without exposure to the weather, it dramatically increases the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the affect of wind and rain that outside aerials experience.

Satplus can also remove unwanted aerials from your roof and seal any holes once removed..

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Satellite Dish Installation, Repairs and removal Auckland

Satplus installs and repairs satellite dishes and installs Starlink Satellite internet equipment.

If you have a traditional Sky dish on your roof if can also be used to receive Freeview TV. There are no subscription costs if you just want to access Freeview TV.

Satellite Dishes are harder to tune than UHF antennas as they need to be pointed directly at the Satellite in the atmosphere. This is done by fine tuning the horizontal and vertical orientation of the dish using a Satellite meter.

We commonly see issues with satellite TV reception which is due to the dish moving out of alignment, tree branches growing and blocking the signal and failure of the satellite dish components, specifically the LNB. A low-noise block downconverter (LNB) is the receiving device mounted on satellite dishes, which collects the radio waves from the dish and converts them to a signal which is sent through a cable to the receiver inside the building. The lifespan of an LNB is around 5 to 7 years.

If you are a rural customer and are sick of slow and unreliable internet then Starlink internet may be a good option for you. Satplus can install the Starlink dish, hide the cable and set up the provided Starlink router or an aftermarket router you may have. We have many happy customers that have implemented Starlink internet.

Satplus can also remove unwanted Satellite Dishes from your roof and seal any holes once removed.

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