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Meeting Room Screen Mounting

With many meetings it is critical to have the right meeting room screen in place to share information and to see any participants joining remotely. Display requirements for meeting rooms and boardrooms vary hugely – one size does not fit all. Large corporate presentation spaces, mid-sized meeting rooms and smaller break-out rooms each have specific criteria to consider when choosing a display.

Satplus can help you with your meeting room requirements.

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business services


An intercom system for business is a communication device that allows two people to speak with each other. Many intercom systems for businesses also allow tenants to talk to visitors at the building’s front door and grant them access remotely.

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business services

VOIP PABX Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol refers to the standards that facilitate voice-based phone calls using an internet connection instead of a local telephone company.

Voice over IP converts your voice into a digital signal, compresses it, and sends it over the internet. A VoIP service provider sets up the call between all participants. On the receiving end, the digital data is then uncompressed into the sound that you hear through your handset or speakerphone.

People opt for VoIP because they can make phone calls without any telephone service, which saves them on long-distance charges. If you have internet access, you don’t need to run any extra copper wires. This lets employees work from home or telecommute to the office as well.

Satplus can help you with your business communications needs.

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business services

Access Control

Access control systems are a critical component of any commercial security system. You will effectively keep your business safe and secure with access control. Satplus offers a variety of systems that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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