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Unfortunately, crime rates are going up and businesses are looking at ways to protect their staff and assets and to lessen impact of crime on their business.

Many steps can be taken to discourage thieves from targeting your property and one is by having a modern burglar alarm with a visible siren and signage. Taking precautions reduces the risk of being broken into as criminals are more likely to break and enter if they think they will get away with it, so if the property looks like it is too risky with a visible siren and security signage, they are more likely to move on and target another business who has not invested in security.  

A monitored burglar alarm also means that you have another set of eyes on the security of your business.  In the case of an alarm activation, we can take your instructions about contacting you and then potentially sending out a guard to physically visit the property and potentially secure the property in the case that your business has been broken into.

At Satplus we are licensed with the ministry of justice and provide leading security and technology systems to cover any security needs you may have.

Satplus can work with you on a solution that will safeguard your business’s assets. We provide many security solutions including burglar alarms in the Auckland area, no matter the size of the project. We offer a comprehensive range of security alarm options, and our systems can be fully monitored for burglary, fire, water detection and panic signals, and can give you full control and notify you of any events on your mobile phone.


Business services

CCTV Solutions

Satplus provides trustworthy and top-quality security cameras and installation service to ensure you get the most out of your security system. At Satplus we are licensed with the ministry of justice and provide leading security and technology systems to cover any security needs you may have. With an Satplus CCTV Surveillance solution, you can live stream what’s happening in and around your business from anywhere in the world,  monitor any visitors and deter intruders. Our security cameras use the latest technology to capture footage that you can review to determine the source of any intrusion.

Our CCTV Security cameras don’t just capture crisp images, sound and video footage of your business, they also offer an effective level of visual deterrence to help prevent crime in your area. The CCTV systems we install provide high-quality, reliable identification of potential security threats around your business, so you can spend more time living and less time worrying.

         The Satplus Solution

  • An option to suit your budget from basic features to human,vehicle and number plate detection and identification.
  • High definition, heavy duty, IP66 rated weather resistant cameras.
  • We have wired or fully wireless CCTV solutions.
  • Automatic night vision for clear pictures, even in the dark.
  • Live notifications, view or playback from anywhere in the world via a mobile app, computer or home monitor.
  • High definition recording
  • Options around 24/7 video recording storage duration.
  • Pan,Tilt and Zoom movable cameras.

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