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How do I know if I need a UHF antenna or a Satellite antenna?

It depends on the area you live in, you may not have any UHF signal & will require a satellite.

What would be the cost of a UHF or a Satellite antenna?

We could give you an estimate once we had some information, e.g. the area you live in, the layout of the house and how many TVs required cabling.

What would be the cost of a WIFI booster/extender?

It would depend on the size and layout of the house. We use commercial style boosters/extender which are designed to be on 24/7 which makes them very reliable.

Why should I install data cables?

Data cables are safe, reliable and a fast way of transferring data. They could also be used for other applications, such as phone lines, HDMI senders and other smart home devices.

Can the footage from your security cameras be viewed remotely on smartphones?

Yes, we use both IP and analog camera systems and both are accessible on a smartphone using an app, which we help set up as part of the install.

Do you do after hours callouts?

Yes . All after hours rates will be discussed with you before a job starts.

Do you repair or move fibre cables or boxes?

Yes, this is quite a common activity for us, we can hide cables in walls and move fibre boxes.

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